How should I pack my shipment?

When you ship with LugLess, you can pack  almost the same way you would for airline travel. Here are a few tips and guidelines for packing your LugLess shipment.

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Packing luggage

You can ship hard-sided suitcases, soft-sided suitcases, and duffel bags with LugLess! You can ship naked luggage, but we do recommend boxing it to add an extra level of protection. Check out our packing tips below:


Sometimes when you ship your luggage the clothes are in your suitcase longer then when you check a bag so we recommend rolling clothes instead of folding to reduce wrinkles - trust us, it really does work.

Packing a box

You can either box your packed luggage or you can pack your items directly inside of a box. Boxes are great way to transport your belongings, and our carriers ship millions of boxes every day. Just be sure to use a  new double-sided corrugated box with no wear and tear.

Boxed luggage -

When shipping your luggage in a box, be sure to choose a box that is not much larger than the bag itself. This will help prevent it from moving around too much in transit! If your bag is heavy, we recommend using a heavy-duty box.

Boxed non-luggage 

When packing loose items into a box, it is very important to ensure proper packing guidelines are followed. To prevent your belongings from moving around in transit, wrap items separately and fill any empty space with cushioning materials such as bubble wrap or clothing. Check out our packing tips below: 

Looking for packing supplies?

We've found that Amazon has the best price on boxes, and they offer a really good value for an 18 pack of boxes and packing supplies that work well for our carry on luggage category.

Packing golf clubs

To ensure the safe delivery of your golf clubs please ensure, they are securely packed in a travel bag or box with adequate protective packing around the heads. We also recommend using a stiff arm if you have one! Check out our packing tips below: 

Packing skis/snowboard

To ensure the safe delivery of your skis or snowboard please ensure they are securely packed in a travel case or box with adequate protective packing around the bindings. Check out our packing tips below:

NOTE: There are some items that cannot be shipped such as prescription medications, aerosols, electronics, and perfume which has a high alcohol content. Please review our prohibited items list prior to shipping.

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