Amazon Box Sizes

Sending your items in a box is an easy and safe way to ship with LugLess. You can even reuse a box that may have been sent to you by Amazon or other retailers. This table provides a guideline for what LugLess category each box dimensions correspond to. Keep in mind that billable weight is calculated by the greater of dimensional weight (LxWxH)/139 and actual weight.

Box Size (Name) Box Dimensions (Inches) LugLess Category
0A0 9.25x6.5x2.25 Carry-on
A0 (BR0) 10.25x7x2.25 Carry-on
A1 (BH0, BY0) 10x7x3.25 Carry-on
A1 10x7x3 Carry-on
A3 (BH1, BY1) 10x7x5.25 Carry-on
A3 12.5x9.5x3 Carry-on
A4 12x8.5x7 Carry-on
1A1 (BY2) 11.5x8.5x4.25 Carry-on
1A3 (BY4) 12.5x9.75x3.25 Carry-on
1A5 (B45,BF5) 13.5x11x4.75 Carry-on
1A7 (B47,BF7) 14.5x8x7.25 Carry-on
1A9 (B48) 14x12.5x9.5 Carry-on
1AB (BFA) 14.25x9x6.25 Carry-on
1AC (B7N) 13.5x11.25x9.75 Carry-on
1AD (BY8) 13.5x9.5x3.5 Carry-on
1AE (BY9-BNB) 13x10x8.25 Carry-on
1BG 18x21.5x5.25 Carry-on
BP0 (V4) 10x8x2 Carry-on
BP1 (V4) 13.25x9.5x2.25 Carry-on
2AA 24x16x4.25 Carry-on
2A0 20x16x7 Carry-on
2A5 20x11x4.25 Carry-on
2A6 21x17x10.5 Checked
2A7 24x17.25x4.25 Carry-on
2A8 26x19x9 Checked
3A1 31x20.5x10.5 Oversize
B0 (BS2) 17.25x12x11.25 Carry-on
B0 17x11x11 Carry-on
B05 22x15x5 Carry-on
B11 28x16x6 Carry-on
B14 24x18x8 Carry-on
1B2 15x12x3 Carry-on
1B4 (B4D, BFD) 17.75x14.25x8.25 Carry-on
1B4 17x13x8 Carry-on
1B9 18x9x7 Carry-on
1B9 (B4E, BFE) 18.25x9x9 Carry-on
1BA (B4F, BFF) 19x12.25x11.25 Carry-on
1BB (B4G, BFG) 19.25x14.75x12.25 Checked
1BF 19.25x14x3.25 Carry-on
2BB 22x16.5x14 Checked
2B4 14x17x3.25 Carry-on
2B5 (B31) 15.5x13x12 Carry-on
BM2 12x9.5x2.5 Carry-on
BM3 12x9.5x5 Carry-on
BM5 12x9x4 Carry-on
BT9 (S6A) 5x5x35.5 Carry-on
C1 19x13x4 Carry-on
C2 19x13x5.75 Carry-on
C3 19x13x8 Carry-on
C3 19x13x7.75 Carry-on
C4 19x13.25x12 Carry-on
CB4 (B58) 6.5x12x58 Checked
D4 22x18x12 Checked
E1 16x9x4 Carry-on
E4 16x12x4 Carry-on
E6 16x12x8 Carry-on
F3 26x19x8.75 Checked
J7 (B7H) 40.5x5.25x5.25 Carry-on
J7A 52.5x5.25x5.25 Carry-on
K3 (B42-BF2) 18.75x13.25x6.25 Carry-on
K4 (B5E) 19.5x13x8.25 Carry-on
K89 44.5x10x10 Checked
n3 15x11x5 Carry-on
N3 (B41, BF1, BJ0) 16.25x12x5.25 Carry-on
P1 (BS5) 21.25x15.25x6.25 Carry-on
P2 20.75x17.75x15.5 Checked
P4 (BS8) 26x16.25x7.25 Checked
P5 25.75x20.75x16.5 Oversize
P7 (BSB) 28x19.5x8.25 Checked
P8 18x22.75x3.75 Carry-on
P9 (B77-B87) 27.5x22.5x8 Checked
PA (BS3) 20.25x13.75x12.25 Checked
PB (BCS) 23x15x12 Checked
PC 23.75x16x4 Carry-on
Q2 34x22x13.5 Oversize +
Q3 36.5x10.5x3.25 Carry-on
Q4 20x37x3 Carry-on
Q5 30x37x3 Carry-on
Q6 37x29x3 Carry-on
S5 (B44) 22.25x18.25x12.25 Checked
S6A (BT8) 35x5x5 Carry-on
S8 (B7M) 26x15x4 Carry-on
U0 (BSG) 40x12x9.25 Checked
U1 (BCS - B7T) 40x10x5.5 Carry-on
U3 (BFR) 40x10.5x3.75 Carry-on
U4 (B76) 40x9x7.5 Carry-on
U5 (B80) 40x20x14 Oversize +
W01 (BDA) 10x8x6.5 Carry-on
W02 (BDB) 12.75x11x8.5 Carry-on
Z1 12x9x4 Carry-on
Z4 16x12.25x6.25 Carry-on
Z05 16x10.25x10.25 Carry-on
Z06 16x14x10.25 Carry-on
Z13 13.5x9.5x5.5 Carry-on
Z16 16x14.25x6.5 Carry-on
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