How should I pack my items?

Here at LugLess, we ship almost anything! However, LugLess Value Protection covers the shipment of only clothing and sports equipment. Loss of or damage to other goods are excluded from coverage. It is important to realize that your items may be transported via plane, train, or truck for multiple days at a time and can experience a lot of bumps on their journey! We know nobody likes damaged items, so we have put together some packing guidelines you should follow before you ship your belongings! 

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Packing Guidelines  

  • When possible box your luggage with a strong and rigid double-walled box that is new with no tears, rips, bends, or other damage. Boxes can be purchased at your local moving store or online at
  • Use proper cushioning materials such as bubble wrap or similar
  • Wrap items separately - Contents should not directly touch the inside of a shipping box
  • Do not pack more than your bag/box can handle! You can add another bag through your LugLess account if necessary
  • Use pressure-sensitive plastic or nylon reinforced tape that's at least 2 in wide
  • Do not use string or paper over-wrap
  • Remove any old labels from previous shipments or flights from your bag
  • Ensure your delivery information on the label is accurate
  • Sports equipment (golf clubs, skis, snowboards, bikes) must be in a travel case or boxed
  • Securely attach your shipping label to your bag
  • Place the copy label inside your bag, case, or box


Shipping naked luggage? We strongly encourage you to put your luggage in a box to protect it.

Packing Do's

  • Use a new, strong, and rigid box
  • Securely tape it closed with clear packing tape 
  • Securely attach the shipping label and ensure it is visible 
  • This box is not overpacked 

Packing Dont's

  • Don't use a box that has been previously used and lacks structural integrity 
  • This box is not securely taped shut - flaps are lifting and clothing is sticking out 
  • Don't crumple the shipping label 
  • Don't pack more than your box can handle - If it loses its "boxy" shape, it is overpacked
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