How to attach the shipping label?

Your shipping label must be securely attached to your bag to avoid shipping delays.  The preferred method of attaching your label is to use a carrier luggage tag which is sometimes referred to as a "Fly Tag". However, you can also attach your label using shipping tape.

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What is a fly tag?

These Fly Tags are self adhesive, and wrap around the handle of your luggage

Packing instructions

Pack as you normally would for airline travel but avoid  prohibited items.
Insert the COPY label inside your luggage as a backup. If you have more than one bag ensure the tags correspond with the correct luggage or you could incur additional fees.
Lock your luggage using a luggage lock or a zip tie.
Attach the label securely to the outside of the luggage. See below for bag specific instructions.

Label attached with a fly tag

The most reliable way to secure your label to a canvas bag or luggage handle is with a "Fly Tag" that can be obtained at your local FedEx® and UPS® shipping center.   

Label attached with tape

If you don't have access to a "Fly Tag" then you can secure the label using clear packing tape. Be sure to wrap the tape completely around the bag, as shown below 

Attaching a label to a box

If you are shipping a box, you can use clear packing tape or you can obtain a clear shipping pouch from your local FedEx® and UPS® shipping center.