Why is the label weight incorrect?

The weight on your shipping label is NOT the maximum allowable weight.  It is common to ship luggage using the average weight for each bag category.  

LugLess Luggage Categories

Carry On - billable weight of 25 lbs
Checked - billable weight of 50 lbs
Oversize - billable weight of 75 lbs

Golf Clubs - billable weight of 50 lbs
Large Golf Clubs - billable weight of 65 lbs

Snowboard - billable weight of 35 lbs
Large Snowboard - billable weight of 67 lbs
Skis - billable weight of 30 lbs
Large Skis - billable weight of 65 lbs

If your luggage exceeds the  billable weight that was paid for, you will be charged a low, prorated, per pound rate for any overages.   All bags are weighed and measured multiple times throughout the shipping process and we will get an accurate report of the actual weight and dimensions for each bag shortly after delivery.

Per Pound Rate

You can calculate your low per pound rate for overages by dividing the the total transit cost by the total weight that was paid for in advance.

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