How billing works

LugLess is affiliated with carriers including FedEx® and UPS® that will weigh and measure every package going through their networks.  Since all carriers price based on both weight and size, we must as well.  If the Volumetric Weight of your luggage is larger than its actual scale weight then the volumetric weight will be used for the final billing calculations.  We call this the Billable Weight.  

Shipment Summary Charges

If the carrier adjusts a shipment then the user will be billed accordingly.  Billing adjustments are consolidated within the first two weeks after each leg of your shipment is delivered.   They will be automatically billed to the credit card on file and a detailed Shipment Summary Invoice will be emailed to the user.  The following charges may be billed after a shipment is delivered:

  • Billable Weight Adjustment: low, prorated, per pound rate
  • Oversize charge: up to $70 per bag
  • Residential charge: $3 per bag
  • Address Correction after bag shipped - $20 per bag
  • Delivery Change after bag shipped - $20 per bag
  • Import Duties/Taxes: Variable based on cost

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