What should I know about my drop off?

Drop off your luggage on or before your selected date at your local carrier location. Just attach your shipping labels, and the carrier will take it from there! 

Most users find it more convenient and cost-effective to drop off their luggage at a local carrier location on their own schedule, rather than paying a premium to have their luggage collected by the carrier.

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How does drop off work

If you have selected a  support plan with luggage drop off, you are responsible for taking your luggage to a local carrier location. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind as you prepare to drop off your luggage:

Drop off Checklist

Print your  shipping labels - They are required to drop off your luggage
Securely  attach your shipping labels to your luggage - Be sure to insert a copy of your shipping label inside as well
Identify a convenient drop point. Any staffed carrier location can accept your luggage.  
Drop off your luggage before the carrier location's daily cutoff time, which is usually around 4:00 PM

Pro Tip

There may be an additional handling fee if you drop off at a carrier location or business center inside a hotel or convention center.  We recommend avoiding these fees by dropping off at an alternate nearby carrier location.   

Where can I drop off

Paper Labels

We will tell you where the closest carrier locations are, but you can drop your luggage at any staffed location for the carrier listed on your shipping label. 

Digital Labels

We will tell you where the closest carrier locations are and because not all locations can accept the digital labels, we recommend you stick to the list we provide.

Regardless what type of labels you have, the luggage must be dropped off by 4PM in most locations; however, some locations have earlier cutoff times. 

View nearby Locations My Account > Trips > View Trip > Next Steps > Find Nearest UPS/FedEx 

Not seeing your desired location in this list? You can always locate a different drop off location directly though our carriers websites! 

Pro Tip

Sometimes the closest carrier station is less convenient than one you pass on your way to work or to the airport. You can drop your luggage at the most convenient carrier location, even if it is in another town in your area

Can I drop off late

Yes, you may drop off your luggage after 4pm on the planned shipment date. If you drop off your luggage one business day late, it will usually deliver one business day later than originally planned as well. 

Please note that while we suggest dropping your luggage off by 4 PM, each location may have different cutoff times. You can look up your location's daily cutoff time through their respective websites:

Can I drop off early

Yes, you may drop off your luggage early. If you drop off your luggage one business day early, it may deliver one business day earlier than originally planned as well.

Pro Tip

Have a drop off scheduled for a Monday? If you're like us and have to work, it may be more convenient to drop your luggage off over the weekend. Find an open carrier location and you will be ready to roll! Avoid the “ Saturday drop off fee” by telling them to send your luggage out on Monday. 

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