How do the support plans differ?

LugLess Support Plans are designed to supplement the support provided directly by our affiliated carriers.  The support plans offer a bundle of support services at a discounted rate and they appeal to travelers with varying levels of support needs.  If you are booking a return trip you must choose the same support plan for both legs of your trip.  Some elements of the support plan can be purchased al-a-carte after the trip is booked (if booked within 48 hours of the first leg pickup date which we call the "Send Luggage Date")

Sending Luggage

Drop Off You are responsible for taking your luggage to a local carrier location of your choice, at your convenience.
Pickup by Carrier Carrier will be dispatched to your location where they will collect the luggage during an 8 hour window.

Luggage Tags

Self Print You will print shipping labels from within your LugLess account and secure the labels to your luggage.
Digital Labels We will provide you with a QR code in your LugLess account. Just have the carrier scan them and they'll take care of the rest, no printer required.
Custom Tag We will send you custom luggage tags that securely attach around the handle of your luggage. No printer required.

Customer Support

No Support You can find answers to common questions in our help center (you're here already) or work directly with the carrier.
FedEx® Support -  1 (800) 463-3339
UPS® Support -  1 (800) 742-5877
Email and Chat You will have email and chat support from our team of expert shipping specialists. During normal business hours you can expect a response within 4 hours and within 24 hours for messages received after hours.
Phone You will have email, chat and phone support from our team of expert shipping specialists during our normal business hours. Outside of normal business hours you can expect a response within 24 hours.

Luggage Tracking

Carrier Tracking You will be provided with a link to track your luggage directly on the carrier's website.
Enhanced Tracking Our advanced tracking algorithm will monitor your shipment for abnormalities and our team of logistics specialists work with you to take corrective action if necessary.

Value Protection

$0, $200, $500, $700 - Each support plan comes with a different level of value protection for each piece of luggage in the shipment.  Additional protection may be purchased after the trip is booked up to a maximum of $3500 per bag. 

Delivery Guarantee

No Guarantee The base support plan does not have an on-time delivery guarantee.
Carrier Guarantee If any bag arrives late, we will submit a claim with the carrier and if it is approved, you will receive a LugLess Account Credit equal to the approved claim amount.
Full Guarantee If any bag that is shipped on-time arrives after the scheduled delivery date you will receive a LugLess Account Credit for the full amount of the delayed bag's transit charges. Check out the fine print  

Trip Changes

A booking may not be able to be changed if a Custom Shipping Kit was sent or a Delivery by Carrier is scheduled. Please check your account for more info.

Non-refundable There is a fee to make any changes to your trip and a fee to cancel your trip.
Changeable There are no fees to change prior to the Send Luggage Date but there is a fee to cancel your trip.
Refundable There are no fees to change or cancel prior to the Send Luggage Date.
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