How do I print my shipping labels?

After your trip is booked LugLess will automatically generate shipping labels that need to be printed and secured to your luggage. 

If you book more than a few days in advance of your ship date then the labels may not generate right away.   A few days before your ship date please head back to your account to print:

Where are my labels?

My Account > Trips > View Trip > Get Labels

Printing Materials

Paper - Letter size 8.5" x 11" white copy paper is what most people use

Printing Tips

Make sure to print all the pages - you should have a shipping label for each bag and a copy that goes inside each bag
Black & White printing is just fine - no need to wast your expensive color ink printing shipping labels
Ensure the destination address is correct, if you make changes to your trip you will need to re-print the shipping labels.  The origin address is not important if you are dropping off your luggage.

Can't Print?

If you don't have access to a printer you have a couple of options. (1) Print to PDF and then email the labels to the carrier location where you are dropping off your luggage and they can print it for you (sometimes for a small fee). (2) Email us and ask to have a custom luggage tag mailed to you (fee's may apply).

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