What should I know about my doorstep pickup?

Do you want to make your shipment a complete door to door experience? If so, simply schedule a pickup and you will be on your way! Our carriers will collect your luggage from your door, and will ship it right to your destination!

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How does doorstep pickup work

If you have selected a  support plan with luggage pickup or have opted to upgrade after booking, you are responsible for ensuring your luggage is prepared for the carrier. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind as your prepare for your pickup: 

Pickup Checklist

Securely  attach your shipping labels to your luggage - Be sure to insert a copy of your shipping label inside as well
If you live in a gated community or a building with a security/gate code please provide it to LugLess.
Leave your luggage by your front door, with a doorman, at the concierge desk, etc.
If you are going to be home, you can leave your luggage inside! You may want to leave a note on your door to indicate any requests such as "Ring Doorbell for Pickup"
Have your luggage ready throughout the entire pickup window (9AM - 7PM)

Best Practice

Not able to have your luggage ready throughout the entire pickup window? You may want to drop your luggage off at a staffed carrier location instead!

How to schedule a pickup (if you don't have one)

If you selected our Extra support plan during booking, we will automatically schedule a doorstep pickup for your trip. However, you can opt to have your luggage picked up regardless of your support plan. Doorstep pickups can be scheduled directly through your LugLess account: 

My Account > Trips > View Trip > Next Steps > I'd rather request a pickup


All pickups must be scheduled at least 24 hours prior to the requested date

Do I need to be home for pickup

You do NOT need to be present for pickup and most users simply leave their luggage with a doorman or in a safe location at their home. 

The pickup time varies by day and location so please ensure your luggage is ready for pickup by 9AM. In most locations the pickup will take place between 10AM and 4PM. However, the carrier has an all day pickup window that lasts until 7PM.


Drivers are only permitted to use their phones in the case of an emergency. Unfortunately, they will be unable to call upon arrival.

Where will my luggage be picked up

Pickup from a single-family residence

The driver will pick up your luggage from the same door they deliver your packages to! You can either opt to leave your labeled luggage outside for the driver or if you'll be home, the driver will knock or ring your doorbell.

Pickup from an apartment

Depending on the apartment building/complex, pickup locations can vary. If your complex has a concierge, mailroom, or leasing office that accepts your packages on your behalf, then you MUST leave your luggage there. If you have your packages delivered to your doorstep, then you should leave your luggage there. 

Pickup from a college campus

All pickups from a college campus need to be from a centralized mailroom for the safety of both the driver and students. Due to security restrictions, our carriers are not allowed to enter dorms at any college or university.

Pickup from a hotel

Upon checkout, please provide your luggage to hotel staff and ask them to bring it to their shipping a receiving location. Some hotels have a loading dock, while others may receive shipments right to the front desk. They'll know what to do!

Pickup from a summer camp

LugLess can schedule a pickup directly from a summer camp. Please verify the shipping address with the camp as it may be different from the address used for driving directions.  We recommend scheduling the pickup one business day after the camp session ends.

Don't know where to leave your luggage for pickup? Leave it where you would receive an Amazon package! 

Have a drop off scheduled? Learn more here

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