Can I change my delivery?

Once your luggage is in transit with our carriers, you can contact them directly for status updates and to make all possible requests. Make sure you have your tracking information available when you contact your carrier. Keep in mind when you make changes they are never guaranteed, cost money, and could result in a delay. You can read more about these options below.

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Can I correct my address

If you find that your address is incorrect after your luggage has already been dropped off (such as a missing apartment number or the wrong house number on your street), you can request an address correction prior to delivery. When you contact your carrier, just let the representative know you are calling to provide missing information and they will take it from there. 

Cost: $22 per bag

Make sure this request is placed on all tracking numbers in your shipment!


We understand that a $22 per bag fee isn't for everyone, which is why we urge our users to ensure all information is correct prior to dropping off. However, you can always request the carrier to put your luggage on Will Call, which will allow you to collect your luggage from a local carrier location in your city at no additional cost. 

Can I change my address

We know that your plans can change, and you may need to send your luggage to an alternate address after it has already been put into transit. If this is the case, let the representative know that you would like to put a delivery intercept on your shipment,  and they can help re-route your luggage to an updated address.

Cost: $25 per bag + Transit charges  

Make sure this request is placed on all tracking numbers in your shipment!

Can I reschedule my delivery for a future date

Deliveries are scheduled on or before the selected date during booking. However, if we expect your luggage to deliver early, this will be noted on your trip itinerary. If you don't want your luggage delivered early, you can specify a future date you want the carrier to deliver your luggage. 

Cost: $25 per bag

Make sure this request is placed on all tracking numbers in your shipment!


We do not require a signature upon delivery, but our carriers will only release your luggage if they feel it is safe to do so!

Can my luggage be held on Will Call

If you opt to put your luggage on Will Call, it will be held at your local carrier hub for pickup. Once this request is placed, it will be stopped from going out for delivery as addressed. Rather, it will be held at the customer counter for five business days so you can collect it at your convenience.

Cost: $0

Make sure this request is placed on all tracking numbers in your shipment!

If you subscribe to UPS My Choice™ or FedEx Delivery Manager® they may provide you with options that meet your needs.

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