What should I know about my delivery?

Your luggage can be delivered to any destination, whether it’s a hotel, residence, or carrier location. We’ll keep you updated on the delivery date, and there are solutions if your luggage is being delivered early or late. 

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How does luggage delivery work

The standard delivery process is to have the carrier deliver directly to the doorstep of the destination address (residence, hotel, business, etc.). In some cases we have the ability to provide  alternate delivery arrangements upon request.  

Where will my luggage be delivered?

Our carriers can deliver almost anywhere and a safe rule of thumb is to expect delivery to the same location where online purchases from companies like Amazon are delivered.  

Delivery to a hotel

Shipping your luggage directly to your hotel is a great way to start your vacation right away! You can ship your luggage directly to your hotel, and they will accept your luggage for you. Always make sure the name on your hotel reservation is listed as the contact on your delivery address. LugLess does not take any responsibility for a shipment after it has been delivered.

Delivery to a single-family home

Talk about front-door service! If you ship directly to a single-family residence, our carriers will deliver your luggage to your front door or wherever packages are normally delivered on your property.

Delivery to an apartment

It’s as easy as collecting your mail! Our carriers deliver luggage to the same place where larger packages are delivered in your building or complex. This is typically a mailroom, security office, common area, or leasing office.

Delivery to a short-term rental

Like LugLess, Airbnb and other short-term rental services are a convenient way to travel. We also know that shipping to an address that is not yours can be tricky. To remedy this, we recommend shipping to a  carrier hold point.

Delivery to a college campus

School is cool, rolling up in a U-Haul is not. LugLess makes it easy to ship all your gear directly to campus. Just note that our carriers will not be able to deliver directly to your dorm. Rather, they will deliver to your campus package room!

Delivery to a business

Our carriers can deliver to any business address. The luggage will be delivered to the shipping and receiving area in most commercial buildings, just like any other delivery. How easy is that!

Delivery to a storage unit

The carrier will deliver your shipment to the same spot where the storage facility accepts shipments. Drivers will not be able to deliver to your storage unit directly or place your luggage by your unit.

Delivery to a cruise

LugLess does not ship directly to your cruise ship; however, we recommend shipping to the hotel you are staying at before your embarkment or shipping directly to a  carrier hold point.

Delivery to an airport

Lugless does not ship directly to airports; however, we recommend shipping to a UPS or FedEx location near the airport. You can ship directly to a carrier hold point.

Best Practice

If you're shipping luggage to a hotel or a carrier location (UPS Store, FedEx Office) it is wise to contact them ahead of time and inquire about fees and procedures. 

When will my luggage be delivered

LugLess will work with the carriers to ensure your luggage is delivered by the end of the day on or before your selected delivery date. If you purchased a   support plan with a guarantee, then LugLess will guarantee delivery by 11:59PM on the day of delivery. In most situations it will arrive by 5:00PM at businesses and 7:00PM at residences. LugLess will email or text you when your luggage is delivered, so you don't need to waste your time calling your hotel to check on the delivery. 

Please note that we are unable to contact the carrier drivers to provide an estimated delivery time.


Carriers have guaranteed commit times by service and location. Air services are generally delivered by 10:30AM or 12:00PM.

Do I need to be home for delivery

In many cases, you do not need to be home for delivery. If you live on a quiet street or in a safe neighborhood, the driver may choose to leave your luggage outside your home, under your front porch, inside your garage or even on a back porch. If you live in an apartment building with a doorman, they will usually deliver your luggage to the doorman. It's sort of like receiving an Amazon package.

Door Tag: Sometimes, if you are not home for delivery, the carrier will leave a door tag which indicates that they attempted delivery and provide instructions to coordinate a future delivery time.

Drop Point: If the carrier has a drop point in your immediate vicinity and you're not home, they may deliver your luggage to the drop point so you can collect it at your convenience - nobody likes waiting around for a delivery!

Why is my luggage delivering early?

Here at LugLess, our deliveries are guaranteed on or before the selected date during booking. If we expect your luggage to deliver early, this will be notated on your trip itinerary! We do not require a signature upon delivery, but our carriers will only release your luggage if they feel it is safe to do so! Alternate arrangements can be made with our carriers directly if you would prefer a later delivery date.

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