Should I box my luggage?

While you can definitely ship naked luggage, we always recommend boxing your luggage to avoid normal wear and tear that can occur during the shipping process. Any cardboard box will do!

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Do I need to box my luggage

No, boxing is not required although there are  benefits to boxing luggage.  We do have some general packing guidelines you should follow.

If you're dropping off your luggage at a carrier location they may try to convince you that boxing is required, but it's not.  Just keep in mind that they charge for packing services so it's in their best interest to turn you into a paying customer.   There is no fee to drop off a pre-labeled package (box, luggage, etc) at a carrier location unless the location is inside a hotel (such as a business center).

Benefits of boxing my luggage

  • Predictable Pricing - It is easier to have a predictable billable weight for your shipment because you don’t need to be concerned with straps, wheels and handles influencing the dimensions of your shipment.
  • Protect your luggage -  When you ship an unboxed suitcase it may incur common wear and tear associated with shipping and the outside suitcase it not eligible for insurance coverage.
  • Easier Labeling - It is easy to attach a shipping label to a box using packing tape or a clear shipping pouch.

Pro Tip

If you don't have a box, your local UPS Store or FedEx Office can help secure a shipping label to a suitcase handle using materials they have on site. Some locations will provide you with a specialized tag for luggage free of charge.

Can I ship a box instead of luggage

Yes.  We practically love boxes because shipping boxes is so much easier and more predictable than shipping naked luggage.

Where can I get a box

We've found that Amazon has the best price on boxes, and they offer a really good value for an 18 pack of boxes and packing supplies that work well for our carry on luggage category.  If you just need one box you can get them at UPS Stores, FedEx Office, Lowes, Home Depot, or UHaul to name a few.