Will my luggage be insured?

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Is my luggage insured?

The contents of your luggage may be insured depending on the support plan you choose during the booking process.  If you ship naked luggage, the insurance coverage for the actual suitcase is capped at $100 for damage.

The insurance company considers your luggage to be "outside packaging" which is why the coverage is limited for naked luggage. This usually isn't a problem since the luggage will be handled with care by our carriers. You should expect some normal wear and tear, and in rare circumstances we have seen an overpacked suitcase bust open or damage caused by loose straps. The only way to have full coverage for your luggage is to ship it within a box.

What does insurance cover?

Insurance provides purchase replacement coverage for the contents of your luggage up to the full amount of the insurance.   This coverage is offered through a third party provider and they have a very simple, self-service claim process in the rare event that you experience damage or loss.

Packing Tip

Suitable packaging is required to ensure the contents of your luggage arrives safely at its destination.  We recommend that you wrap ski bindings and golf clubs to help prevent damage.

How do I file an insurance claim?

In the rare event that you need to file a loss or damage claim, please reach to us so we can help you get started. Once you open your claim, our insurance partners make it quick and easy to receive reimbursement for any lost or damaged items. All you need to do is prove what was in your bag. 

Our insurance partners will likely ask you for original receipts to do so - but don't panic! If you do not have original receipts, we recommend submitting website links to comparable items.

Pro Tip

Take a picture of each bag and its contents before you ship it. On the off chance you need to file a claim down the road, having such pictures will help expedite this process!