What can I ship?

LugLess can ship almost anything, but we specialize in shipping Luggage, Golf Clubs and Skis.  We can ship boxes as well but first take a look at our list of prohibited items

Size & Weight Categories

We have three categories based on billable weight. Choose the category that is closest to your needs. You may want to understand  billable weight which is based on both dimensions and weight if you are shipping a large item.

  • Carry On - up to 25 billable pounds
  • Checked - up to 50 billable pounds
  • Oversize - up to 75 billable pounds

Sports Equipment

  • Golf Bags are usually considered Checked or Oversize. 
  • Single Skis or Snowboards are usually considered as Carry On.
  • Double Skis or Snowboards are usually Checked or Oversize.
  • Ski Boot bags are usually considered Carry On. 
  • Bikes generally have a billable weight around 100 lbs due to their excessive size. If you want to ship a bike choose Oversize when booking, but expect an adjustment.


We also ship boxes, and we generally recommend boxing your luggage if possible. Looking to ship an item that does not fall into the above category? Place it in a box and see which category it falls under using our calculator

Still Not Sure?

If you choose the wrong category, don't worry. The carriers weigh and measure each item and provide us with a final billable weight shortly after delivery and you will pay a low per pound rate for any overages.