What's the best luggage for shipping?

Need some luggage advice? We are glad you asked! Our goal here at Lugless is to make travel as simple as possible, and that starts with the right bag. Check out our suggestions below.

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What luggage should I use

There are many benefits to using an Away bag to ship your luggage! Away has numerous bag sizes, all of which fit within our selectable bag categories during booking. Every Away bag is guaranteed for life, so while you can be rest assured that your luggage will be handled with care by our carriers, if damage does occur you will be covered. Some other specs we love are: 

  • You can choose between a polycarbonate or aluminum bag - Both of which are built to last 
  • All bags include a built-in, TSA-approved lock - You'll need to lock your bag prior to drop off :) 
  • All Away bags are water-resistant 

Pro Tip

If your Away bag includes an ejectable battery, just make sure you remove it prior to drop off! Batteries can not be shipped with our carriers.

What golf bag should I use

Club Glove® is the number one luggage brand used in the PGA for a reason, and we believe that the Last Bag Collegiate is the best travel bag to ship your clubs. This bag is built to withstand the rigor of travel, and its limited lifetime warranty speaks for itself. Some specs we love are: 

  • Stiff arm® included with purchase - The BEST way to protect your clubs from any vertical impacts 
  • Water-resistant 
  • Reinforced for extended durability 

The Last Bag Collegiate does slightly exceed our large golf bag category, but it is the best way to transport your clubs. You might get a small overage, but it’s worth it!

If you would prefer to stick within the golf clubs category and avoid an adjustment, we would recommend shipping your clubs in a box! You can find a great one on Amazon here.

What ski bag should I use

SporTube makes it easy and convenient to ship your skis, and the Series1 Sportube was built with the rigor of shipping in mind. This hard-shelled case is protected under a five-year manufacturer's warranty and is the best way to transport your skis while traveling. You can read more about why we love it below: 

  • There is padding on both ends of this case to ensure your skis are protected in transit
  • This case is easily lockable - Which is needed when you ship 
  • Perfectly fits any sized skis and poles, as its telescoping design ensures a snug fit every time

We believe that this is the last ski case you will have to buy - it is just that good!

Pro Tip

SporTube recommends removing the Easy Pull Handle prior to shipping to protect the clip in transit. However, it will easily fit inside the case!

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