What packaging is required?

Protect your shipment

It is important that you adequately package the contents of your shipments with the necessary protective material to prevent damage.  Golf club heads and ski bindings should be padded and placed in a soft or hard sided travel case. 

Attach Shipping Label

All items must have a shipping label provided by LugLess securely attached to the outside of each Item and all Items must have a copy of the shipping label placed inside.  Failure to do so can cause delays and when applicable it will void our guarantee.

Please Consider Boxing

If you ship naked luggage, the insurance coverage for the actual suitcase is capped at $100 for damage. Although damage to the luggage is unlikely, in the rare event it happens the carriers do not generally accept damage claims for outside packaging which in this case would be a suitcase.

Looking for packing supplies?

We've found that Amazon has the best price on boxes, and they offer a really good value for an 18 pack of boxes and packing supplies that work well for our carry on luggage category.

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