Where are my labels?

Once your trip is booked, all you need to do is print your labels and securely attach them to your luggage prior to your ship date. If you have not yet received your labels, it is likely due to one of the three reasons below:

1.  An edit was made to your trip

When an edit is made to your trip, we will need to provide you with new shipping labels! Your original labels will be voided and new ones will be processed by our team. Please allow about 10 minutes for your new labels to appear in your account. You will receive an email notification as soon as your new labels are available.

2.  We're missing your phone number

Our carriers require a phone number in order to process your trip. Please update your account, and we will process your labels as quickly as possible! 

3.  You purchased a custom shipping kit

If your trip includes a shipping kit, we will be shipping you your labels directly to your origin address. We typically schedule them to arrive a few days ahead of your ship date. If you booked your trip far in advance, you may not receive them right away! If you would like them earlier, please reach out to us.

Pro Tip

If you book more than a few days in advance of your ship date then the labels may not generate right away. A few days before your ship date please head back to your account to print. 

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