How to ship to camp

Nothing screams summer quite like camp! And nothing screams hassle quite like lugging trunks and sports equipment all the way to camp. That's where we step in - Ship your child's trunk right to their bunk!

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Can I ship a trunk

Trunks are a great way to pack your child for camp! However, please note that some trunks are quite large and may exceed our carrier's size restrictions. We always recommend running your trunk through our calculator to make sure it fits. Shipments that exceed these size restrictions may be subject to costly handing charges up to $1000 per package.

Need a trunk?

We recommend C&N Footlockers because they are warrantied for life (great for college down the line), designed for shipping, and are recommended by over 270 camps! They come in over 30 colors and fit into our oversize category.

What dates should I book

We recommend scheduling your trunk or luggage to arrive two business days ahead of camp move-in day. For example, if your child is arriving at camp on a Monday, their stuff should be delivered on Thursday.

We recommend scheduling your luggage or trunk to be picked up the date after your child departs.


Most camps will have a designated pickup date, so you don't typically need to schedule a LugLess doorstep pickup. We recommend confirming with your camp directly.

What can I pack

LugLess is designed specifically for shipping clothing and sports equipment. Items such as liquids, aerosols, food, electronics, and musical instruments should be carried with you. You can review a more detailed list of prohibited items here.

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