Why isn't my luggage tracking?

I dropped my luggage off, but it isn't tracking. Now what? 

  •  You Dropped Off After the Daily Cutoff Time: You must drop off your luggage before the carrier locations's daily cutoff time in order for it to be processed that day. Each carrier location has a daily cutoff time, and anything dropped off after the cutoff will not track until the following business day.
  •   The Store Forgot to Hand your Luggage off to the Driver: There is a chance that the carrier driver forgot to grab your luggage

If you dropped off your luggage and it has not received scans, you can call the store and ask if they have your luggage. They will be able to locate your luggage, and get it on track.

My luggage was tracking, but stopped. Now what?

  • Your Luggage is Traveling a Long Distance: If your luggage is traveling far (across the country), it is common to not receive scans for a few days. It is most likely moving through the carrier's network normally.
  • The Shipping Label was Attached Incorrectly: If the label is damaged or falls off, tracking will stop. When this happens, your luggage will be held by the carrier until they receive a description of the bag.

Need more help?

If your luggage was tracking and then stopped, call carrier support for an update. The carrier can help diagnose tracking issues and take corrective action if your shipment is delayed.

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