What is a weather delay?

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What is a weather delay

We can all agree that severe weather is the worst part of winter! Winter storms can ground planes and result in unsafe road conditions for our carriers. In the event of such conditions, our carriers prioritize the safety of their employees and will pull them off of the road until the storm has passed. Rest assured, our carriers have contingency plans in place to ensure that your luggage delivers as quickly as conditions permit while ensuring the safety of its employees.

Weather Happens

Severe weather conditions can occur at the most unexpected times! We always recommend factoring in at least one extra transit day to ensure your luggage is ready to go when you need it.

Why is my luggage affected

Our carriers have a network that spreads across the entire country, and weather conditions in one part of the country can result in a delay elsewhere. 

For example, if you are shipping your luggage from sunny southern California to the coast of Florida, you likely won't be seeing any snow on your trip. However, there may be a snowstorm in Colorado that stops the trailer your bags are moving on from passing through as scheduled. 

When will my luggage be delivered

We recommend contacting your carrier for the most up to date information on your delivery. We have listed some commonly asked questions below. Just provide them with your tracking number to get started: 

When is the rescheduled delivery date for my package? What time of day will it be delivered?
Can my luggage be held at a Customer Center for pickup? What day? What time?
Can you upgrade/escalate my shipment for early delivery?

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