All about the weight of your bag

It can be hard to tell how heavy your luggage will be, but we have solutions if there are any weight or size adjustments. Just make sure your bag is within our carrier’s maximum weight, and don’t worry about the weight that is indicated on your shipping label. If there are overages, we can help you out!

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Can I pack less than I paid for?

Of course, there are no penalties for packing light.  

If you do ship less than you paid for we unfortunately don't have a way to refund at this time because the  carriers we work with only adjust up, not down. We think it would be more fair if the carriers adjusted in both directions, but at this time that’s not the way they operate.  


Did you know that 82% of the bags we ship are billed based on their  dimensional weight, not their scale weight. So, even if your bag is underweight, it's very likely that it has a larger dimensional weight than you realize.

Can I pack more than I paid for?

Yes, regardless of what you paid for you can always ship as much as you want as long as you don't exceed the  carrier's maximum weight and size limits. So go ahead, throw that extra pair of shoes in your bag and an umbrella too - you never know if the weather will shift. If your bag exceeds the billable weight you paid for, you'll be billed a low, pro-rated per pound rate for any overages. Packing more than you paid for will not impact the on-time delivery!

All bags are weighed and measured multiple times throughout the shipping process, and we will get an accurate report of the actual weight and dimensions for each bag shortly after delivery.

Is the weight on my drop off receipt correct?

When you drop your luggage at a staffed carrier location, they often provide you with a receipt that has a scale weight. This is not the final billable weight of your bag. Staffed carrier locations are independently owned franchises, and corporate UPS/FedEx makes the final decision on both weight and dimensions.

Can I get a refund on the labels I don't use?

We know that your plans can change; however, we have a 24 hour cutoff window for edits via your LugLess account. We are sorry, but we can not give refunds on labels that are not used. 

If this is an urgent issue, you can email us and we can try to edit your order for you. 

If you are making changes prior to this 24 hour cutoff window, you can reduce your number of bags through your account. If you have a support plan that does not include editing, you will be subject to a small fee to make such changes. 

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